Ruin gallery // Xasthur details // Der Weg Einer Freiheit

März 24, 2011 at 3:06 pm

1.    Ruin – bloodshed / shirt designs
2.    Xasthur new details of the 7“/CD box
3.    Der Weg Einer Freiheit to finish recording
4.    Shop closed – GREENHELL

1.    Ruin – bloodshed
First off – we will have shirt designs available very soon – you can buy them through the offical RUIN homepage which will be launched very soon.
Here are some pictures of the production of the packaging and some upcoming shirt designs which are going to be available the RUIN shop:

The album contains a peculiar cover artwork featured with artistic implicitness:

The listener is presented with a dark and gloomy orchestral staging over the course of the twelve pieces of music. In order to enhance this synesthesis with a touching sensation, twelve corresponding materials were chosen for the CD design, the combined product of which – a thick black crust – represents the record as a whole.

Molten into this black square by way of compression, the materials – waste oil, wodka, grease, blood, soap, aspirin, tobacco, metal, bone, ash, soot and salt – are also presented separately inside the CD tray. It was only after a laboratory process of several months that these unwieldy materials could finally be tamed and processed into colors suitable for silk screen printing.

The finished product not only makes the production process sensible through the thick ‘paint’ application, thus embodying the hardly penetrable juggernaut of tone, noise, sound, rhythm and melody, but it also leaves behind a strange leftover of odor somewhere between waste oil, blood and soap.

German / Das Album birgt mit künstlerischer Selbstverständlichkeit ein besonderes Cover-Artwork:
In den zwölf Stücken wird dem Zuhörer ein dämmerig-düsteres Kammerstück präsentiert. Um diese synästhetische Erfahrung greifbar zu machen, wurden für die CD-Gestaltung dementsprechend zwölf Materialien gewählt, die in ihrer Summe – als dicke schwarze Kruste – für die Platte stehen. Im Zusammendruck zu diesem schwarzen Quadrat verschmolzen, werden die Materialien Altöl, Wodka, Fett, Blut, Seife, Aspirin, Tabak, Metall, Knochen, Asche, Ruß und Salz aber auch einzeln im Inneren der CD-Schachtel präsentiert. Erst nach einem mehrmonatigen Laborprozess gelang es, diese sperrigen Materialien zu zähmen und zu Farben zu verarbeiten, die sich für den Siebdruck verwenden ließen. Das fertige Produkt lässt nicht nur durch den dicken “Farb”-Auftrag den Herstellungsprozess spüren und verkörpert so den schwer zu durchdringender Brocken von Klang, Lärm, Geräusch, Rhythmik und Melodie, sondern lässt auch einen seltsamen Geruchsrest zwischen Altöl, Blut und Seife übrig.

2.    Xasthur – new details (the 7“/CD box // bonus tracks)

Meanwhile the Xasthur 7”/CD blackened boxes are in the process to be manufactured.
It contains:
– Portal Of Sorrow CD (plus two bonus tracks, tracklisting see below)
– 7” of the Orosius split 7”
– A heavy inlay with credits and further details
– You will be able to order the box along with a WHITE Xasthur logo shirt at GREENHELL RECORDS.

3.    Der Weg Einer Freiheit to finish recording

Der Weg Einer Freiheit just finished recording their forthcoming EP at the EIKEY STUDIOS (Negator, and others).
We will keep you posted about this 5 track release which is supposed to be released in summer this year.

4.    Shop closed – GREENHELL RECORDS
On Thursday the Merchground shop is going to be shut down and you will be able to buy our exclusive releases through GREENHELL RECORDS

New releases on the horizon – RUIN and Xasthur!!!

März 11, 2011 at 1:39 pm

1.    “Ruin – Half Skull” to be released though Viva Hate Records

This is a release we are extremely proud to be involved in… it reaches new extremes where we haven’t been so far.
Ruin’s album “Half Skull” , the band of the German painter MARTIN EDER is going to be released through Viva Hate Records in collaboration with the band on April 15th…

The band is going to celebrate it’s release party on April 14th in the Volksbühne Theatre (Berlin, Germany) where bands such as Sunno))), Isis and Bohren&Der Club Of Gore already played.

Half Skull was recorded in collaboration with the “Solistenensemble Kaldeidoskop” and features guest appearance of Jochen Arbeit from the legenday band Einstürzende Neubauten.

If you are intererested in  further details about Martin Eder – one of the most important german painters please click here.
In his band RUIN Martin Eder is living his passion on extreme music in the like of Sunno))), Nortt, Bohren & Der Club of Gore,…

In late 2010 RUIN played at the famous BERGHAIN Berlin along with guest appearance of no one else than MAYHEM’s ATTILA.Click here.

Talking about extremes, this is probably one of the most extreme packagings Viva Hate has been working with so far. The album comes as 100% handmade box (long, hard and painful work of Martin Eder in collaboration of Berlin’s art company “ZWOELF”) with 12 different silkscreen inlays in it – made out of ash, bones, blood, oil, metal, sel, soot, tabac, aspirine, soap, fat and vodka.
We will keep you posted about the any further details…
In the meantime you can listen to one first track of RUIN’s forthcoming album “HALF SKULL”.

2.    Xasthur’s last album ever “Portal Of Sorrow” to be released through Viva Hate Records // Two Wooden boxes coming

Viva Hate Records is going to put out Xasthur’s last album ever called “Portal Of Sorrow”. The album had been self released by Xasthur’s own label as ltd. Edition and will now officially be released through us as Digipack version containing additional unreleased bonus tracks.

On top we’re going to offer you a hand numbered ltd.500 7” box version containing the album the “Portal Of Sorrow” album and first time on vinyl: The split release Xasthur/Orosius (self released back in 2003 // Xasthur songs only).
This box is going to be available through Green Hell Records in May.

And if that is not enough… this year we’re going put out two very limited Xasthur Wooden Boxes containing his material plus so far exclusive unreleased material.

DWEF in the studio// Imaad Wasif on tour and ltd. editions // Friction Fest // Store to be shut down

März 3, 2011 at 2:45 pm

1. Der Weg Einer Freiheit – new EP // to play at Germany’s Summer Breeze
2. Imaad Wasif Strange Hexes/The Voidist ltd. release // to participate on this year’s Road Burn and Friction Fest
3. Friction Fest 2011 at the famous Bergain Club, Berlin (Owen Pallett, Electric Wizard and many more)
4. Shop to be shut down // moving over to Green Hell Record

1. Der Weg Einer Freiheit – new EP // to play at Germany’s Summer Breeze

Der “Weg Einer Freiheit is” currently in the studio – as you might have already noticed the band is going to put out a new EP this year.
We’re also very happy about that the band is playing at this year’s Summer Breeze along with band such as Enslaved, Helrunar, Bolt Thrower and many more…
Here are some further dates:
18.08.2011 Summer Breeze, Germany
20.08.2011 Barther Metal Open Air
02.09.2011 Wolfszeit Festival

2. Imaad Wasif Strange Hexes/The Voidist ltd. release // to participate on this year’s Road Burn and Friction Fest

We are going to release Imaad Wasif’s so far self released album Strange Hexes in Europe in different versions:

- 2xCD Version containing “Strange Hexes” and “The Voidist” limited to 200 copies, handmade sleeves.
- 2xLP Version of “Strange Hexes” and “The Voidist” limited to 500 copies, handmade sleeves and thick 180g vinyl.
- Regular CD

Imaad Wasif tour presented by the VISIONS MAGAZINE:

16.04.2011 Roadburn Festival Tilburg, Netherlands
17.04.2011 Haarlem, Netherlands
18.04.2011 Antwerp, Belgium
19.04.2011 Köln Germany
20.04.2011 Münster, Germany
21.04.2011 Friction Festival Berlin, Germany
22.04.2011 Dresden, Germany
23.04.2011 Easter Dude Fest Karlsruhe, Germany
24.04.2011 Pont-A-Celles, Belgium
24.04.2011 Arlon, Belgium
28.04.2011 Neuchatel, Switzerland
29.04.2011 Bulle, Switzerland
30.04.2011 Toulouse, France
01.05.2011 La Nef Angouleme, France

3. Friction Fest 2011 at the famous Bergain Club, Berlin (Owen Pallett, Electric Wizard and many more)

This year’s Friction Fest is taking place at the famous Berghain (Berlin, Germany).
About 20 bands are playing between April 21st and 23rd on two different stages.
Here is a short list of some of bands being part of the Friction Fest:
Owen Pallett
Electric Wizard
Imaad Wasif
Khoma (first ever show on European Mainland)
and many more.

Get your ticket here.

4. Shop to be shut down // moving over to Green Hell Record

Last but not least news which should make everyone happy and something that is not avertable having a look at how many problems we had with the recent shop system:
The current shop is going to be shut down and all Viva Hate Records, regular and limited editions are going to be available through our partnes Green Hell in the future, probably one of European’s biggest Indie Mailorder…
click on the logo to check out what they have for you.

Again we want to apologize any trouble you had with our shop, from now on all shall work smoothly.

Agalloch – Marrow Of The Spirit #2 in the ranking at the ZILLO Soundcheck

November 21, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Great news. Agalloch’s new album MARROW OF THE SPIRIT reached #2 in the ranking of the Soundcheck of Germany’s magazine ZILLO

Agalloch – Marrow Of The Spirit out now!!!!

November 19, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Finally Agalloch’s new album MARROW OF THE SPIRIT is out now in Europe!!!!

- “A work of haunting minimal melancholy that slides and falls between neoclassical and forlorn doom-tinged blackness, the level of detail that the band exhibits should have many also-rans quaking in their boots.”

- “With their latest work Agalloch prove once again that they are an absolutely exceptional band.”

- Number the 4 in the ranking of the LEGACY Magazine Soundcheck

- Album of the month at WHISKEY SODA

Agalloch “The Watcher’s Monolith” added // Limited CD now available without shirt

November 16, 2010 at 8:24 pm

We now added the track “The Watcher’s Monolith” to our wonderful Agalloch page. The band’s new masterpiece “Marrow Of The Spirit” is going to be released in Europe on November 19th.

You can now also order the Limited handnumbered edition without shirts. click here.

Pelican – The Wooden Box shipping

November 12, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Folks – next week we’re starting getting the Pelican Wooden Boxes shipped – watch out.

Agalloch first track on air // Martin Eder and Attilla interview at Metal Hammer

November 1, 2010 at 5:32 pm

1.    Agalloch first track on air // pictures
2.    RUIN // Martin Eder and Attila interview and gallery now at Metal Hammer

1. Agalloch first track on air // pictures

Today we launched a site with new pictures and a FIRST TRACK “Ghosts Of The Midwinter Fires ” of the new Agalloch album “Marrow Of The Spirit”. Click here.
Apart from that you’re still able to preorder the limited edition of their forthcoming album along with an exclusive album shirt.

2. RUIN// Martin Eder and Attila interview and gallery now at Metal Hammer

Click here and check out the exclusive Metal Hammer interview of Martin Eder and Attila (MAYHEM), talking about their projects and thoughts about music, art, love and hatred…  (gallery, click here). Both recently appeared at the legendary BERGHAIN, Berlin in a live stage collaboration.

Agalloch limited edition bundle up for sale now // New shirts at Merchground (DWEF, Agalloch, Imaad Wasif)

Oktober 27, 2010 at 2:32 pm

1.    Agalloch ltd. edition bundle preorder begins now
2.    Lot’s of new shirts at merchground

1. Agalloch limited edition bundle preorder begins now.

You’re now able to preorder the LIMITED EDITION BUNDLE at merchground. It conatins the handnumbered black box edition of their new masterpiece “Marrow Of The Spirit” and an exclusive album shirt design that is only available at our store.
Go to merchground.

2. Lot’s of new shirts at merchground (Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Agalloch, Imaad Wasif)

Merchground offers lot’s of new shirt designs, in example a complete new Der Weg Einer Freiheit design or Imaad Wasif shirts.

Go to merchground.

Imaad Wasif – THE VOIDIST out now // Agalloch limited bundle

Oktober 22, 2010 at 2:37 pm

1.    Imaad Wasif –The Voidist out now // statements // still on air!
2.    Agalloch limited edition bundle available very soon

1.    Imaad Wasif –The Voidist out now // statements // still on air!



















Mission complete!
Imaad Wasif’s masterpiece “THE VOIDIST” is officially out now!!!  Go get at Amazon or at you local mailorder. You can still check out his album at myspace.
Check out some English and German review and statements.

„Die ideale Songwriter-Platte für Alternative-Rocker – und umgekehrt.“
VISIONS, Soundcheck # 2

„Tolle Platte. Bitte davon noch mehr.“

„Dieser junge, aus Los Angeles stammende Songwriter ist
eine kleine akustische Sensation!“
GUITAR Acoustic

„Oha, tolle, ja irre Nummer.“

„Mit „The Voidist“ liefert der 1975 geborene Musiker, der in den letzten Jahren unter anderem mit Lou Barlow (Folk Implosion), Karen O (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) und Bradford Cox (Deerhunter) erfolgreich zusammenarbeitete, sein bisher ausgefeiltestes Werk ab.“ PIRANHA

Wir sind außerdem stolz, THE VOIDIST als Album der Woche bei präsentieren zu dürfen

REVIEW ENGLISH VISIONS Magazine – very long but worth it (German version):
The perfect songwriter record for alternative rockers – and vice versa: the perceived debut from a singing guitarist whose music takes up more space in your record cabinet than you may think.

Care to check? Lou Barlow’s Goodnight Unknown. It’s Blitz by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The soundtrack for Spike Jonzes’ Where The Wild Things Are. On all of these records (and many more), Imaad Wasif has been artistically involved as a guest musician in recent times – not to mention his solo career, which he launched as early as 2006 with his untitled first album and which halfway through yielded the already pretty phenomenal  Strange Hexes. Maybe you also know the skinny, lanky LA guy with the black curly hair from one of his performances as opening act for Sebadoh, RTX or The Raconteurs. Either way, now you have got to know him, because his third record, which for most people will be their first from him, is definitely one of a kind. Anyone who isn’t put off by the fact that Wasif has somewhat of a tendency to glorify war in his lyrics (in connection with a name like that – let’s hope the Secret Service doesn’t come knocking on his door anytime soon), and who also forgives him for elaborating on cosmic forces rather than talking about himself in interviews (one of which can be read in this issue), discovers the rare mixture of mellow folk guitars, rugged alternative riffs and a seductively sombre undertone that is The Voidist. Our Skulls is one example of a balancing act of a song: lurking at first, then roaring, psychedelic, but not extravagant, focused on detail yet instantly exciting. On top of that, lines like these roll from Wasif’s lips to complement the music: ”When they put me in that ditch/ And they scratch my sexless itch/ Ruination is my fix/ I’m deranged.” Embryos in his head, his heart tainted, the dagger already in his hand – the man has problems, that much is obvious. However, the deeper one follows him into the secretive, broken world of his thoughts, the more one gets involved with his lyrics, the clearer it becomes that his intention when it comes to his music is to capture beauty, something clear and pure that he could put neither to paper nor to ear without a guitar. And he succeeds in capturing it time and again, be it in the midst of the heated Priestess, the brokenness of Return To You or with the grand finale, Razorlike. ”The journey ends with my ascent” are his final words on The Voidist. And maybe the end of this record does actually mark the beginning of a success story. Imaad Wasif has done what he could – now it’s up to us. Someone like him should not go down in musical history as an insider’s tip.

playing tips: Return To You | Our Skulls | Razorlike
dennis plauk

2.    Agalloch limited edition bundle available very soon

We will have  limited edition bundle available very soon – it contains an exclusive album shirt design. Keep checking.
Meanwhile the band is doing interviews which you will be able to read very soon.