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- This Black Metal Was Forged In The Unholy Halls Of The Eternal Frost –
Under that very banner this Black Metal-Machine – the Negator – was once forged in the year of 2003. Mastermind Trolfbert (Guitar) was eagerly focusing on putting his vision of extrememe Black Metal into action. He found Nachtgarm (Vocals), Tramheim (Battery) and Berthelm (Bass) as proper comrade-in-arms.
As the music of the debut OLD BLACK (2004) did speak volumes, it did not take long until the album was properly released one year after Negator‘s founding. Press and fans alike pretty much showed similar praise of the debut’s spirit, which made OLD BLACK turn into a success story pretty much.

- Lined up to create values – made to be indispensable! -
- Negator – The Bringer Of War -

It goes without saying that Nachtgarm’s new obligations with Dark Funeral made him busier than before. Consequently, Negator utilized the break from live-obligations for continuous writing, composing and arranging new material comprising the eagerly awaited successor of PANZER METAL.  Since the contract with Negator’s old label had expired, the band and ist Management went on searching for a  new home. The band was looking for a company that thoroughly shared the band’s vision. Some labels show interest, but the acceptance of bid was given to the small, bit high-class German label Viva Hate Records (Der Weg Einer Freiheit among others). However, this is not enough with positive highlights in 2012: Since bassist Harlegrim left the band due to lack of interest (and surely left a gap to fill), the band was more than happy to find a great replacement with a comparatively short period of time.  Be it luck, coincidence or chance – or the devil’s wish – Negator are proud to announce Hjalmort as the new man for bass duties.  Hjalmort is not only a person who fits very well into the band’s structure, but who has also gained his reputation through his longtime duties as the lead singer of fellow Hamburgian Extreme Metal outfit Todtgelichter. The change was executed on amicable terms and by mutual agreement. Hjalmort is now returning to his musical homeland: Black Metal.
Sine Negator want back to the future with this new and invigorated team, it goes without saying that it will not take another five years to release a new master piece. Consequently, it will leave all Negator-Fans filled with joy, when they learn that Negator have booked studio time for December 2012. As with their previous records Negator will again enter Hammer Audio Studios with their friend, fan und long-time fellow Eike Freese (Gamma Ray, Negator, Callejon, Dark Age, Neopera among others).
The highly anticipated fourth album will see the black of the world in spring 2013 and will – again – take no prisoners. The Panzer keeps on rolling relentlessly, even though there will be some surprises. Expect nothing but a great Negator-Album.
And it will be that very year – 2013 – when the Negator will see his 10th anniversary. And after one decade of raging, extreme Black Metal one thing still applies:

- Lined up to create values – made to be indispensable! -

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