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Xasthur began in late 1995-early 1996. The band had more than a few unreliable members between ’96 and ’99 until finally becoming a solo project in 1999 through 2010 with all albums and music written and recorded by Malefic/Scott. Through those several years, the band relied very little on guest musicians.

The music and the idea behind it was not quite the same as many standard bands in the black metal genre, it was more so based on mirrors and mirroring the thoughts, fears, nightmares, hatred, disgust, negativity and weaknesses dwelling inside the psyche of human beings and a bleak outlook on life or death from the artist’s point of view.

During the bands history, Xasthur released 8 full-length albums, as well as numerous demos and EP’s, which finally ended with the album “Portal of Sorrow” in 2010, this album featured a folk singer by the name of Marissa Nadler and it turned out to be an unconventional ending to the band.

It had always been debatable which ‘genre’ of music to categorize Xasthur under; some say black metal yet some have very different interpretations of the music. The needing of a category was never important to Xasthur because the band was inspired by several other sounds of music outside of the black metal clique’.