New releases on the horizon – RUIN and Xasthur!!!

11. März 2011 um 13:39 Uhr

1.    “Ruin – Half Skull” to be released though Viva Hate Records

This is a release we are extremely proud to be involved in… it reaches new extremes where we haven’t been so far.
Ruin’s album “Half Skull” , the band of the German painter MARTIN EDER is going to be released through Viva Hate Records in collaboration with the band on April 15th…

The band is going to celebrate it’s release party on April 14th in the Volksbühne Theatre (Berlin, Germany) where bands such as Sunno))), Isis and Bohren&Der Club Of Gore already played.

Half Skull was recorded in collaboration with the “Solistenensemble Kaldeidoskop” and features guest appearance of Jochen Arbeit from the legenday band Einstürzende Neubauten.

If you are intererested in  further details about Martin Eder – one of the most important german painters please click here.
In his band RUIN Martin Eder is living his passion on extreme music in the like of Sunno))), Nortt, Bohren & Der Club of Gore,…

In late 2010 RUIN played at the famous BERGHAIN Berlin along with guest appearance of no one else than MAYHEM’s ATTILA.Click here.

Talking about extremes, this is probably one of the most extreme packagings Viva Hate has been working with so far. The album comes as 100% handmade box (long, hard and painful work of Martin Eder in collaboration of Berlin’s art company “ZWOELF”) with 12 different silkscreen inlays in it – made out of ash, bones, blood, oil, metal, sel, soot, tabac, aspirine, soap, fat and vodka.
We will keep you posted about the any further details…
In the meantime you can listen to one first track of RUIN’s forthcoming album “HALF SKULL”.

2.    Xasthur’s last album ever “Portal Of Sorrow” to be released through Viva Hate Records // Two Wooden boxes coming

Viva Hate Records is going to put out Xasthur’s last album ever called “Portal Of Sorrow”. The album had been self released by Xasthur’s own label as ltd. Edition and will now officially be released through us as Digipack version containing additional unreleased bonus tracks.

On top we’re going to offer you a hand numbered ltd.500 7” box version containing the album the “Portal Of Sorrow” album and first time on vinyl: The split release Xasthur/Orosius (self released back in 2003 // Xasthur songs only).
This box is going to be available through Green Hell Records in May.

And if that is not enough… this year we’re going put out two very limited Xasthur Wooden Boxes containing his material plus so far exclusive unreleased material.