Imaad Wasif – THE VOIDIST out now // Agalloch limited bundle

22. Oktober 2010 um 14:37 Uhr

1.    Imaad Wasif –The Voidist out now // statements // still on air!
2.    Agalloch limited edition bundle available very soon

1.    Imaad Wasif –The Voidist out now // statements // still on air!



















Mission complete!
Imaad Wasif’s masterpiece “THE VOIDIST” is officially out now!!!  Go get at Amazon or at you local mailorder. You can still check out his album at myspace.
Check out some English and German review and statements.

„Die ideale Songwriter-Platte für Alternative-Rocker – und umgekehrt.“
VISIONS, Soundcheck # 2

„Tolle Platte. Bitte davon noch mehr.“

„Dieser junge, aus Los Angeles stammende Songwriter ist
eine kleine akustische Sensation!“
GUITAR Acoustic

„Oha, tolle, ja irre Nummer.“

„Mit „The Voidist“ liefert der 1975 geborene Musiker, der in den letzten Jahren unter anderem mit Lou Barlow (Folk Implosion), Karen O (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs) und Bradford Cox (Deerhunter) erfolgreich zusammenarbeitete, sein bisher ausgefeiltestes Werk ab.“ PIRANHA

Wir sind außerdem stolz, THE VOIDIST als Album der Woche bei präsentieren zu dürfen

REVIEW ENGLISH VISIONS Magazine – very long but worth it (German version):
The perfect songwriter record for alternative rockers – and vice versa: the perceived debut from a singing guitarist whose music takes up more space in your record cabinet than you may think.

Care to check? Lou Barlow’s Goodnight Unknown. It’s Blitz by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. The soundtrack for Spike Jonzes’ Where The Wild Things Are. On all of these records (and many more), Imaad Wasif has been artistically involved as a guest musician in recent times – not to mention his solo career, which he launched as early as 2006 with his untitled first album and which halfway through yielded the already pretty phenomenal  Strange Hexes. Maybe you also know the skinny, lanky LA guy with the black curly hair from one of his performances as opening act for Sebadoh, RTX or The Raconteurs. Either way, now you have got to know him, because his third record, which for most people will be their first from him, is definitely one of a kind. Anyone who isn’t put off by the fact that Wasif has somewhat of a tendency to glorify war in his lyrics (in connection with a name like that – let’s hope the Secret Service doesn’t come knocking on his door anytime soon), and who also forgives him for elaborating on cosmic forces rather than talking about himself in interviews (one of which can be read in this issue), discovers the rare mixture of mellow folk guitars, rugged alternative riffs and a seductively sombre undertone that is The Voidist. Our Skulls is one example of a balancing act of a song: lurking at first, then roaring, psychedelic, but not extravagant, focused on detail yet instantly exciting. On top of that, lines like these roll from Wasif’s lips to complement the music: ”When they put me in that ditch/ And they scratch my sexless itch/ Ruination is my fix/ I’m deranged.” Embryos in his head, his heart tainted, the dagger already in his hand – the man has problems, that much is obvious. However, the deeper one follows him into the secretive, broken world of his thoughts, the more one gets involved with his lyrics, the clearer it becomes that his intention when it comes to his music is to capture beauty, something clear and pure that he could put neither to paper nor to ear without a guitar. And he succeeds in capturing it time and again, be it in the midst of the heated Priestess, the brokenness of Return To You or with the grand finale, Razorlike. ”The journey ends with my ascent” are his final words on The Voidist. And maybe the end of this record does actually mark the beginning of a success story. Imaad Wasif has done what he could – now it’s up to us. Someone like him should not go down in musical history as an insider’s tip.

playing tips: Return To You | Our Skulls | Razorlike
dennis plauk

2.    Agalloch limited edition bundle available very soon

We will have  limited edition bundle available very soon – it contains an exclusive album shirt design. Keep checking.
Meanwhile the band is doing interviews which you will be able to read very soon.