Friction Fest day tickets and news

13. April 2010 um 15:39 Uhr

1. Day tickets
2. The Ocean to play special set
3. Cynic cancellation


1.Day tickets
You can now order daily tickets at our store – prices are 30 Euros plus postage per day.
Apart from this you’re able to buy your ticket at several stores and mailorders like: Greenhell, Bisaufsmesser, Core Tex, Dense, Yardstore, Koka36.

NOTE: we have some sort of problem with the redirection to paypal (if you placed your order and you’re not

able to pay via paypal just drop us a line and we will sort everything out, sorry). It is going to be fixed as soon as possible.

2. The Ocean to play special set

The Ocean will play a special +70 minutes set premiering their new album “Heliocentric” and featuring an extended lineup with various extra guest musicians. This will also be filmed for a later DVD release on Metal Blade Records.

3. Cynic cancellation
Cynic have cancelled their appearance at Friction Fest.
This is what the band has to say about their cancellation:

“Our apologies for not being able to perform at Friction Fest. Logistics and the stars weren’t lining up for us this time, but we’ll be back in Europe for some shows in June and a possible longer run in the fall, so stay tuned.”

Being aware of the fact that Cynic cannot easily be replaced, we decided not to add another substitute band.