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16. März 2009 um 18:19 Uhr

What’s up folks!?
As you can see we finally launched a new site with a new shop system (with some nice specials like white Ulver, Heresi 2xLP…) to have a proper service in general and new interesting artists on the map! The artists and release sections are new and actualized.
As for the mailorder – we apologize all slow services during the last year, there was simply a lack of manpower in out uprising Viva Hate Nation, plus some companies were VERY late in doing their job. SORRY – it’ll be perfect from now. All open orders will be taken care of to close this very horrible chapter called “2008”.

Further more:
1. Opeth – The Wooden Box
2. Signings
3. Upcoming
4. Open orders



First – check out this wonderful set of test pressings of the Opeth Wooden boxes!
20 of 50 existing set went out randomly to those guys who pre ordered the box…

In two weeks you can find the box everywhere in stores…watch out!





We have two new signings to our roster – uber awesome (check out their artist sites on VHR):

a. Nightbringer (USA)

nightbringer-logoThis okkult black metal outfit from the USA was formed years ago and put out their latest album through FMP.
We are proud to announce the official signing for the European territory (USA: Ajna/Southern Lord).
Their new album “Apocalypse Sun” will be out here in the second half 2009.


b. Sidewaytown (Ger)

sidewaytown-logoFormally know from Autumnblaze (Prophecy Productions) mastermind Markus Baltes decided to do an additional project called “Sidewaytown” – a completely different direction: Shoegaze, Postrock, Progressive.
His first album “Years In The Wall” (recorded with Markus Stock alias Schwadorf on the drums) will see light on May 9th, meanwhile Markus Baltes is in the process to record his new album already.
If you like Anathema, Isis, Low….check this out:


c. Robin tom Rink (from everywhere)

rtr-logoRobin tom Rink is a highly talented melancholic Singer/Songwriter, born in Münster,Germany but later on living in different cities like Berlin, Paris, Konstanz.
Please check out his artist section here and his myspace domain for wonderful songs (recommend: Little One if you really want to suffer…)
His lyrics say everything:
“Is it day or is it night in you smile”
“What a fool I am, the smell of spring could change anything”

Watch out for more and his release on June 12th.



Plans…rumors and confirmations:
Opeth 6xLP Wooden  Box: March
Isis Live V 2xLP (? Maybe April?)
Long Distance Calling/Leech LP (March)

1. Robin Tom Rink – The Dilletant CD/LP (June 12th)

2. Histoire – s/t CD (feat. Trevor De Brauw of Pelican, release: April)
3. Kadrage – Tiefenrausch CD (feat. Reimut Van Bonn of Long Distance Calling, release: April)
4. Sidewaytown – Years In The Wall (May 8th Europe)
6. Long Distance Calling – Satellite Bay 2xLP (repress on 180g vinyl plus 2xpic LP ltd.250 copies; release: May)

Second Half of 2009, early 2010:
1. Leech – new full length
2. Sidewaytown – new full length
3. Robin Tom Rink – new full length
4. Nightbringer – Apocalypse Sun (Europe; CD/Vinyl)

More to come…stay tuned.


4.Open orders

We know – a lot of things went wrong in 2008, for this reason we decided to change to working process.
We have additional helping hands in our VHR crew from now on.
SO – no more delays on shipping!!!

We guarantee!!!
If you’re still missing your order feel free to get in touch, you will get you items.