Xasthur – The Wooden Box // Portal Of Sorrow…

13. Mai 2011 um 08:59 Uhr

The Xasthur Wooden Box is somewhere on the horizon to be out in 2011… meanwhile we would like to announce the albums and EPs that are going to be part of this monster:

-Defective Epitaph
-Subliminal Genocide
-To Violate The Oblivious
-Telepathic With The Deceased
-Funeral Of Being
-Nocturnal Poisoning
-Songs from the Nortt split LP and Leviathan split LP (both on one)
-Suicide In Dark Serenity
-Songs Angra Mainyu split LP and Acid Enema split (both on one)


This is a total of 17(!!!!!!) LPs in one wooden box with measures you probably have never seen before!

We will keep you posted about any further steps.

The ltd. 7”/CD blackened box of the Portal Of Sorrow album is taking shape and we are getting new Xasthur merchandise.
The regular Digi Pack Version contains 2 bonus songs including one UNRELEASED SONG…

We are currently trying to work on an official US Viva Hate store offering our stuff to avoid high shipping rates of boxes, etc.