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Nightbringer was formed in the winter of 1999 by Nox Corvus and Alcameth. A two song rehearsal was recorded the same year but only distributed amongst close friends. The two tracks were then featured on the Horde of Darkenwood CD-R comp in 2001. Ophis joined Nightbringer shortly after and in 2003 they entered Hellion Studio/Flatline Audio in Denver and recorded two tracks “The Void” and “Mors Philosophorum” which would later be featured on the debut release “Rex ex Ordine Throni” a split with Temple of Not. The two tracks were distributed on cd-r to labels and in 2004 Nightbringer signed with Full Moon productions and returned to the studio to add two additional tracks to the recording for their debut. “Rex…” was released by FMP and Forever Plagued Records on vinyl format in 2005. That same year Nightbringer returned to Flatline Audio once more and began the lengthy three and a half year recording process for Death and the Black Work. In 2006 FPR released a split with Serpentinam on 10’’ vinyl. After countless delays and set backs Death and the Black work was finally released in the winter of 2008 on FMP and in 3x LP vinyl box format via FPR. 2008 also saw the addition of the fourth and final member VJS. Nightbringer will be entering Flatline Audio once more June 1st 2009 to record the next full length “Apocalypse Sun” which will be released via Viva Hate in Europe and Ajna in North and South America.

“Nightbringer represents the lunar and chthonic currents that flow from the fount of the nighted god-head. Much of the focus is on the profound Death. Personal and spiritual tribulation via descent towards a terminus which is both physical and meta-physical has largely dominated the “theme”, though we have expanded this philosophy and view to include the macrocosmic as well as the microcosmic. This is the groundwork, though more personal meanings are applied as individuals. What is revealed to the listener may be subjective as the lyrical approach is enigmatic and allegorical, drawing on esoteric inspirations to relay deeply personal philosophies and spirituality.”