Negator – Limited Box now available!

It has started – you can now preorder your copy of the exclusive
Negator – Gates To The Pantheon LIMITED BOX!
Click here to get your hands on this beautiful piece of handmade art.

North America customers please visit out buddies of Prosthetic Records.

Here’s a rough overview of what to expect – an entire different Artwork and packaging:
– a handmade and stamped box
– a massive earthenware slab
– a piece of paper with all lyrics
– an alternate CD artwork
– the CD contains the bonus song ʻNecrodaemon Terrorsatanʼ of the mighty Belphegor
which is only going to be on this version

In total a heavy weight box of 500 gram limited to only 500 pieces
Hurry up, these will sell out fast!

Negator – Free Track (Download/Stream)

We have some great news for you guys – We have uploaded a free NEGATOR track to give you an impression of how some tracks of the album sound like.
Click here: Negator – Atonement In Blood

And if that is not enough we have some nice news for you North American supporters.
The NEGATOR – GATES TO THE PANTHEON album is being released through Prosthetic Records.

So if you are into the limited edition – keep watching the label’s shop. They are going to offer it as well.
Keep watching – the all information about the box are coming VERY soon.

Negator – Gates To The Pantheon LIMITED EDITION BOX (incl. bonus song)

Harken, oh brethren of the Gates to the Pantheon!

This day marks the point in time of 2013 anno Negator where we have the undisputed pleasure and honor to introduce you to the first details we can reveal about the very, very special edition of
GATES TO THE PANTHEON out April 19th 2013 via Viva Hate Records.

This special edition is definitely not like any other limited edition you have seen before.
Besides the facts that this box is limited to only 500 hand numbered copies and comes exclusively with the ultimate Bonustrack ʻNecrodaemon Terrorsatanʼ of the mighty Belphegor, there is even way more that comes along and makes this release so unique.

First, the whole artwork is completely different from the jewel case edition.
Moreover a heavy earthenware slab that was fabricated for Negator exclusively comes along with the box and tells its very own story.

Furthermore, the whole artistic concept and its implementation are beyond “normal”.
This box is handmade, customized, one of a kind and implements our musical and lyrical approach we wanted to pursue with GATES TO THE PANTHEON.

Get yours while you can! Where and when – we keep you posted!