Negator Album title, tracklist and ltd. editions

The upcoming Negator album (April 19th 2013) is called GATES TO THE PANTHEON.

1.       Epiclesis
2.       Bringer Of War
3.       The Last Sermon
4.       Serpents Court
5.       Nergal, The Raging King
6.       Carnal Malefactor
7.       The Urge For Battle
8.       Atonement In Blood
9.       Revelation 9:11

Total Playing Time: approx 41 minutes

Of course we are going to have several versions available.
1.       Limited Box Set
2.      Standard Jewel Case

Very soon we give you some specific details about the limited edition.
So far it includes an exclusive bonustrack!

Negator release date // Der Weg Einer Freiheit limited edition

Negator’s upcoming album is set to be released on April 19th!!!
The Band finished recording the album and is almost done with mastering.

Watch out for further details. There is gonna be two versions of the release.

You can still order the band’s 7“/Shirt bundle THE GREAT ATROCITIES.
Also the band uploaded a preview of the 7″ here.

As some sort of a new year’s present we found some remaining copies of the ltd. 250 UNSTILLE LP + 7“.
You can get your copy at our store or the band’s mailorder