Limited 100 version sold out…


Preorder now: limited ENSLAVED Wooden Box (8xLP and more stuff)

Viva Hate Records is very proud to offer you this MASSIVE wooden box of Norwegian’s cult:
ENSLAVED – almost 3kg of extreme music!!!
White vinyl ltd.100
Green vinyl ltd.200
Black vinyl ltd.400



It contains 6 long time out of print and sold out albums with alternate layout:
•    Enslaved “Frost” LP
•    Enslaved “Eld” 2xLP
•    Enslaved “Blodhemn”  LP
•    Enslaved “Mardraum” LP
•    Enslaved “Monumension” LP
•    Enslaved “Below The Lights” LP
Plus we will drop in:
•    A reissued demo tape version of the original demo: YGGDRASSILL
•    An exclusive one sided record with rough instrumental recording of “Hal Valr”, never before released…(recorded in 1992!!!)
•    An exclusive Enslaved belt buckle
•    An exclusive Enslaved military cap with embroidered the logo on it
•    A total amount of 8 records which have been sold out for AGES!!!
•    All albums on thick 180g vinyl!!!

SHIPPING: The price contains worldwide shipping with insurance (!).
IMPORTANT: This is a preorder – the official release date is October 9th.

Miscellaneous (Enslaved box, Isis, Long Distance Calling, Sidewaytown, Kadrage…)

You guys, check news by numbers:

1. Enslaved “the buckle”
2. Isis “the colours”
3. Long Distance Calling “the repress”
4. Sidewaytown “the release date”
5. Kadrage “the ldc side project”

1.Enslaved “the buckle”
Please check out this nice Enslaved belt buckle which will be part of the “Enslaved – The Wooden Box”…expect a 3kg wooden box packed with cult!!!!!!!


2. Isis “the colours”
There are going to be three versions available of the Live V 2xLP:

Olive green vinyl ltd.100
Cream vinyl ltd.200
Black vinyl ltd.800

3. Long Distance Calling “the repress”
Finally to be reissued of Long Distance Calling debut album “Satellite Bay”…It’s going to be pressed on massive 180g vinyl.
You can order it along with the Isis Live V 2xLP soon…keep checking.

4. Sidewaytown “the release date”
Our lovely artist Sidewaytown will put out his first album on Viva Hate Records on the 27th of November in 2009! Go to our artist section or head for myspace to get further details.

5. Kadrage “the ldc side project”
We’re proud to announce the release of Kadrage’s first album “Tiefenrausch” which is the sideproject of Long Distance Calling’s Reimut van Bonn.

(To be released in Ocotber this year)