Folks, we got a bunch of good news for you guys…

Viva Hate Records
1. DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT signs with Viva Hate Records
2. Isis shipment

Blow Gold Records
1. Robin tom Rink to play at this year’s Eurosonic Festival (Groningen, The Netherlands)
2. PINTANDWEFALL signs with Blow Gold Records/Viva Hate Records
3. MICHAEL VERMILLION signs with Blow Gold Records/Viva Hate Records
4. DRAG THE RIVER album out on Jan 15th//Jon Snodgrass of DRAG THE RIVER on the road in Europe with Joey Cape (Lag Wagon)/Tony Sly (No Use For A Name)

Viva Hate Records:
1. DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT signed with Viva Hate Records

Germany’s awesome Black Metal outfit “Der Weg Einer Freiheit” signed with Viva Hate Records to reissue their debut album on CD and LP in may 2010.

The album contains all tracks of their self released debut (which was sold out within 4 weeks) plus a bonus track never before released and an alternate artwork.
All drums will be professionally recorded by DWEF’s new bandmember Christian Bass and the band is currently in the process to set up a live band so watch out for upcoming shows in the future…

2. Isis shipment
ALL orders got shipped during the last week and this week, we hope you get them all in mint conditions.

Blow Gold Records

1. Robin tom Rink to play at this year’s Eurosonic Festival (Groningen, The Netherlands)
We’re proud to announce Robin tom Rink’s live performance at this
year’s Eurosonic/Noorderslag Festival in Groningen, Netherlands.

If you’re one of the lucky one’s who got a ticket….see you at:
15.01.2010 Newscafe, Groningen
Doors: 08:15pm
Robin tom Rink: 08:45pm

2. PINTANDWEFALL signs with Blow Gold Records/Viva Hate Records

We’re so happy to finally announce the signing of the finish all girls bands…PINTANDWEFALL…-
Probably one of the most entertaining punk/garage/indie bands on the horizon will release their album in Germany, Austria, Switzerland though Blow Gold Records/Viva Hate Records on March 19th 2010!!!

3. MICHAEL VERMILLION signs with Blow Gold Records/Viva Hate Records

Last but not least we’re glad to announce our third signing from Seatlle, Washingten:

His wonderful debut album is being released in Europe in the second half of 2010 and expect him to be on tour over here soon as well.

4. DRAG THE RIVER album out on Jan 15th//Jon Snodgrass of DRAG THE RIVER on the road in Europe with Joey Cape (Lag Wagon)/Tony Sly (No Use For A Name)

Drag The River’s album “Primer” is going to be released this friday so hurry up ad pick up your copy!!!
And if you didn’t see these awesome guys in december last year don’t miss Jon Snodgrass of Drag The River when he’s coming over here along with Joey Cape (Lag Wagon) and Tony Sly (No Use For A Name):

Feb 18 Underground – Cologne
Feb 19 Warenannahme – Hannover
Feb 20 Magnet – Berlin
Feb 21 Gleis 22 – Munster
Feb 22 Conne Island – Leipzig
Feb 23 Munich
Feb 25 Orto Bar – Ljubljana
Feb 26 Onirica – Parma
Feb 27 Magnolia – Milano
Feb 28 La Marquise 0- Lyon
Mar 2 Klinker – Aarschot
Mar 3 Bitterzoet – Amsterdam
Mar 4 Islington Bar – London
Mar 9 The Croft – Bristol
Mar 10 Joners – Southampton

ISIS – Live V 2xLP shipping after X-mas

as most of you already know the ISIS – Live V 2xLP hadn’t been shipped so far.
When we received the sleeves we had to realize that the inserts with the credits weren’t in it. So we needed to wait for them to arrive.

For this reason we decided to ship all records after X-mas to avoid the loss of your orders. We hope you understand.


Thanks a lot for your patience, it’s definitely worth it.

Drag The River, Robin tom Rink show and radio set

TONIGHT in Berlin – Drag The River and Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music) w/ Robin tom Rink @ Festsaal Kreuzberg (Berlin):

Heute, zum Ende des Jahes spielen die Jungs von Drag The River und Chris Wollard von Hot Water Music noch einmal und erhalten wunderbare Unterstützung durch Robin tom Rink

Wo: Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin
Einlass: 20h
Beginn: 21h

Come around and have a drink!!!

Außerdem hier ein toller Tip: Zwischen 16-16:30 Uhr sind Drag The River bei Motor FM im Studio und werden exklusiv ein paar Lieder für Euch spielen…nicht verpassen!

X-mas special!!!! (testpressing, ltd.100, bundles and and and)

We got some very nice x-mas special for you guys, click HERE to go to the shop:

Enslaved Wooden Box ltd.100 (we found some overstock!!!)

Enslaved Wooden Box ltd.200

Enslaved Wooden Box testpressing ltd.25

Opeth Wooden Box testpressing ltd.50

Long Distance Calling – Satellite Bay 2xLP testpressing ltd.25

Long Distance Calling/Leech split LP testpressing ltd.25

Discount on/bundles:

Dodheimsgard – Satanic Art 10” 10€

Drudkh Estrangement LP 10€

Drudkh Autumn Aurora LP 12€

Long Distance Calling coloured bundle 38€

ISIS Holy Tears 12 ” 10€

Leviathan/ Crebain 2xLP 12€

Leviathan – The Blind Wound 12″ 10€

Earthride pic LP 12€

Tsjuder Kill For Satan pic LP 10€

Tsjuder Demonic Possession pic LP 10€

Wolves bundle (two hunters, live @ roadburn, Didadem Of 12 Starts, Malovent Grain) 60€


vhr news (Circle album stream, new Robin tom Rink video on air, etc…)

Folks, here are some infos of Viva Hate Records/Blow Gold Records:

1. Circle full album stream on myspace
2. Robin tom Rink’s new video “Little One” on air
3. Drag The River tour starts today
4. ISIS Live V 2xLP shipping
5. Enslaved The Wooden Box shipping

1. Circle full album stream on myspace

By clicking on this wonderful picture above you will be able to stream the band’s entire album “Hollywood”…
Circle is going to have the complete album online during their tour with ISIS till December 7th.

2. Robin tom Rink’s new video on air
Robin tom Rink – Little One video

Finally Robin tom Rink’s new video “Little One” taken from his album “The Dilettante” is now on air….you can watch this wonderful piece of melancholy by using the link above or checking his myspace site. ENJOY!

3. Drag The River tour starts today
Today Drag The River’s tour starts along with Chris Wollard of Hot Water Music, make sure to see them on stage!
See here the cover of their upcoming album to be released on January 15th 2010.

4. ISIS Live V 2xLP shipping
Once we receive the sleeves all orders will be shipped to you guys to make sure that you all get them before x-mas!!!

5. Enslaved The Wooden Box shipping
All orders have been shipped now – we highly appreciate all your patience and trust in our work. We are very proud of this release and deeply hope you like it and think that it was worth waiting…

Sidewaytown – Years In The Wall OUT NOW!!!!!!

click cover to listen to the entire album.
Eclipsed Review (7/10)
“Zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort!”

Melodie&Rhythmus (4/5)
“Melancholisch-atmosphärischer Post-Rock als Begleitmusik für die trübe Jahreszeit!”
“It sounds like Pink Floyd meeting Radiohead and I do like his whispering vocals.”
”If you’re a fan of dreamlike alternative rock – then you should check out Sidewaytown.”

Blow Gold Records – Viva Hate Records to found new division

We’re very proud to announce that Viva Hate Records founds a new division called “Blow Gold Records”.


This division Vive Hate Records being able to focus on diverse types of music. On this way we want you to be able to specify artist by each division.

Means: Blow Gold Records focuses on Singer/Songwriter, Country, Folk, Punk and Indie Music.
Our first signing is Drag The River (USA, feat. Chad Price of punk legend ALL). Keep checking for their upcoming album and tour with Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music):


02. Dez. 2009 | Schlachthof / Magazinkeller | Bremen
03. Dez. 2009 | Garage | Saarbrücken
04. Dez. 2009 | Alter Stattbahnhof | Schweinfurt
05. Dez. 2009 | Szene (with Muff Potter) | Wien
06. Dez. 2009 | Backstage (with Muff Potter ) | München
08. Dez. 2009 | Zakk (with Muff Potter) | Düsseldorf
09. Dez. 2009 | Gaswerk (with Robin tom Rink + Chris Wollard) | Winterthur
10. Dez. 2009 | Exzess info | Frankfurt
11. Dez. 2009 | Trix (with Strike Anywhere / Dead To Me) | Antwerpen
12. Dez. 2009 | Club Revolution | Peterborough
13. Dez. 2009 | Rock City / The Basement | Nottingham
14. Dez. 2009 | Islington Bar Academy | London
15. Dez. 2009 | The Croft | Bristol
16. Dez. 2009 | Burdenell Social Club | Leeds
17. Dez. 2009 | The Lectern | Brighton
18. Dez. 2009 | Winston | Amsterdam
19. Dez. 2009 | Mephisto | Hannover
20. Dez. 2009 | Logo (with Robin tom Rink, Chris Wollard) | Hamburg
21. Dez. 2009 | Festsaal Kreuzberg (with Robin tom Rink, Chris Wollard) | Berlin

Also all further Robin tom Rink albums are being released through Blow Gold Records…

Sidewaytown – Years In The Wall fullstream on myspace.

Folks, Sidewaytown is having their entire album uploaded at myspace for about 2 weeks.

CLICK HERE to listen

Circle – Hollywood album to be released through Viva Hate Records


We’re proud to announce the release of the “Circle – Hollywood” album through Viva Hate Records (release date: Jan. 15th) feat. vocals of Bruce Duff (Jesters Of Destiny).
The finish cult band is on tour with ISIS and Keelhaul between November 28th and December 7th 2009.

On tour with ISIS and Keelhaul:
November 28 Incrivel Almadense, Lisbon (PT)
November 29 Teatro Sa Da Bandeira, Porto (PT)
December 1 Rock Star Live, Bilbao (ES)
December 2 BT59, Bordeaux (FR)
December 3 Trabendo, Paris (FR)
December 4 Substage, Karlsruhe (DE)
December 5 Trix, Antwerp (BE)
December 6 Vera, Groningen (NL)
December 7 Postbahnhof, Berlin (DE)

Watch out!!!
Further details – please check:
Circle at mypace
Circle at Viva Hate Records
Circle official domain

short note: check out works now again….

Should work now, sorry again.