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Long Distance Calling - Sattelite Bay Nothing that makes this world a better place lasts for only three minutes. Nothing of relevance embraces you and abruptedly leaves afterwards. Music does not need to be divided into five minute long chapters, verse-chorus-verse. Music needs room not rules, it needs freedom not boundaries - Long Distance Calling make sure to do exactly that.
When David Jordan (guitar), Janosch Rathmer (drums), Florian Füntmann (guitar), Jan Hoffmann (bass) and Reimut van Bonn (ambience) started rehearsing early 2006 all of them had already been active in several mostly way heavier bands. But they all knew that this time it would be something completely different: No limits, only the will, the wish to let go, to surrender oneself, to not look back.

Now, Long Distance Calling present you the first result of their free flight: "Satellite Bay". Seven tracks clocking up to one hour. Seven times they were born out of small ideas, fragments - samples, cymbal clashes, bass lines, rhythms or basic guitar ideas - seven times these tiny pieces grew into true monsters of post-rock. Sound spaces that fill entire landscapes - sonic moments you can only achieve if you work tirelessly, without making any compromises, by sacrificing yourself. Music that makes that bloody dream jam session of Tool, Dredg, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Isis invalid. Long Distance Calling do not even need words for doing that. The sole lyric on the album was created and performed by Peter Dolving (The Haunted / Bring The War Home) in “Built Without Hands” and it will make you wince like being warned of something really, really big.

It demands: an hour. It gives you: seven journeys around the world.

"Satellite Bay" was produced at Tonmeisterei (Tephra etc.) in Oldenburg and will be released on September 21, 2007.


Long Distance Calling on stage:
05.01.08 Dortmund, Live Station (VISIONS Party)
11.01.08 Marburg, Trauma im G-Werk (VISIONS Party)

„Satellite Bay“ tracklisting:

1. Jungfernflug
2. Fire In The Mountain
3. Aurora
4. Horizon
5. The Very Last Day
6. Built Without Hands
7. Swallow The Water

(Total time: 58:30)




First press quotes:

„It’s cold and dark here but very beautiful. Let me rest…” “Long Distance Calling transfer two moods into sound: The music to the exhausting way up the mountain inside yourself – sad yet relieving with each single step.”

“With “Satellite Bay” Long Distance Calling deliver an album of enormous quality, which you rarely expect to originate from Germany.”

“Satellite Bay” breaths, is as lively as it is spontaneous, but also well thought-out.” “Satellite Bay” is sad, very sad. And very, very good!” “THE album for the early autumn days.”
9/10 points
Rock Hard

"With its melancholic lyricism “Satellite Bay” reminds one of the immense power that hides in instrumental music, which stories it can tell without tumbling into the danger zone of empty words and pseudo-lyrical facade."



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Long Distance Calling - Dmnstrtn From different angles of the musical cosmos, the members of instrumental band LONG DISTANCE CALLING found each other early 2006 to create a sound they never did before. Inspired by acts like Mogwai, Red Sparowes, Porcupine Tree, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and a lot of stuff from the various past, LONG DISTANCE CALLING take the seeds to beautiful places. Progressive rhythms and guitar arrangements cross ways with minimalist soundscapes of vast beauty and thoughtful sample involvement.

Initial press reactions on “Dmnstrtn”:

» Demo of the month VISIONS (D) 02/07!
» Demo of the month in ROCK HARD (D) 02/07!
» Demo of the month @ metalitalia.com

“This four songs on ´Dmnstrtn“ are absolute professional. Anything but happy, but accompany perfectly with a bunch of little winter melancholy and lead the complete work to a small masterpiece. The song ´Red Bug Vs. Black Bird´ even breathes the spirit of the forgotten Kong. …an amazing accrescence of every CD collection.” ROCK HARD (D)

“Huge.” VISIONS (D)

“´Dmnstrtn´ is without a doubt one of the best demos I´ve heard this year…
…the most melancholy melodies I´ve heard in a long time. The 30 minutes of this first demo are so full of inspiration and make your hair stand on end…we do not exaggerate when we declare that Red Sparowes - perhaps the group we know much better - would pay for property in their catalogue of the compositions of this calibre. You must discover this band“
Metalitalia.com (I)

“Perhaps the most impressive element of this EP is the sheer amount of ground it covers, both emotionally and stylistically, within such a short amount of time…with such an arsenal of talent and influence behind them in this first EP, it seems that there are great things on the horizon for Long Distance Calling.” Sonicfrontiers.net (US)

“This demo is a precious high-end product, made for loudness, driving your car at night and bad weather. Everybody likes that.” FUZE Magazine (D)



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